Friday, June 11, 2010

Support the Massachusetts Bottle Bill

Did you know that the Massachusetts bottle bill only includes carbonated beverages? Bottled water, sports drinks, iced tea and juices do not fall under this very important legislation and are littering the coastlines and landscapes of Massachusetts - enough to fill Fenway Park every year. The Massachusetts bottle bill generates important revenue for recycling and litter prevention, and needs to be expanded to include more than just soda.

Legislation has been introduced to expand the bottle bill for many years and the campaign has gained new traction this year with more need to close budget shortfalls. With three months left in the legislative session, the bill needs a hearing. You can read the latest and contact your legislative leaders at the Bottle Bill Coalition's website.

If you live in Rhode Island, let your Assembly members know that we need a bottle bill here as well, one that includes all types of beverage containers.